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  • Personal Assistant and Artist at The Drunken Palette Art Studio for 8 years

  • Commissioned Artist

  • Business Owner / Entrepreneur

  • Full-time Ministry School Student

  • Zumba Fitness Instructor

  • Lover of all things art, nature 

  • Writer/Podcast Creator/Blogger

  • Mom to U.S. Navy Sailor - Ashley (Shane, son-in-love), Ryan, Aaron, Lauran, Lindsey and 11 year old Maltipoo (fur-baby), Gracie

  • Self-proclaimed Comedian 




My name is Melinda Brown.


I'm a proud momma of 5 of the most beautiful works of art on this planet (my kids), mother-in-law to one and gigi to two. (That's tu-tu.) They are a stunning evidence to me that God is in the masterpiece of creation, creation business. 


I am an example of the goodness of God and that it's never too late for grace. It's amazing what He will do with your simple (yet, not so simple) "yes". 


Originally, I was hired on at The Drunken Palette Art Studio in New London, CT , as the personal assistant to the owner. However, that only lasted a few short months. On an urgent need for an artist to teach a last minute painting party, I was asked if I thought I could teach it. I said "yes", and now, here I am! For the last 8 years I have been one of the main artists at TDP Art Studio.  Sadly, it fell on really hard times due to COVID and closed it's doors on February 28th, 2022.

On December 30, 2021, another question was asked. "Do you want to take over the mobile side of the business?" I felt it was time, so I said another "yes". It has been a really fast transition so I'm still working on all of the important details involved, however, we're officially in business and I'm having a blast! 

It's my joy and  great honor to be a local artist bringing fun and creativity to your memories. Whether it be a small get together with friends or a large corporate event, I look forward to celebrating a colorful future  with you! 


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